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Signing a Contract
Owners: Welcome

Your Property Management Team

Two Tree Property Management is here to help you! The company was built around a vision: To take the burden of managing properties, so that our clients can focus on living their dreams. As Ventura County’s Premier Boutique Property Management firm, we have successfully helped property owners, like you; live their dreams by professionally managing their properties.

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A Customized Service to Fit your Budget

We all heard the saying that no two people are alike. Each of us contributes our unique skills and personality traits to the world. Like people, every property is unique. Each property presents unique opportunities and has specific needs. At Two Tree Property Management we work to understand your investment goals and the specific needs of your property.

When we join your team a custom plan will be created that will meet your investment goals by developing your properties unique opportunities.

We offer our client two levels of service each customized to their needs:

  •  Lease Only Service

  • Property Management 

Property Management Service

Never worry about Tenants or Toilets Again!

Our Property Management service is for the owner looking to minimize their risk and increase the value of their investment. Utilizing leading industry technology and implementing our proven standardized procedures enables us to take a proactive approach to managing your property.

Lease Only Service

We Lease you Manage

Our Lease Only Service is designed for the owner who wants to manage their property but is looking to hire a professional to find a qualified tenant for their property. We deploy the same systems we use to find qualified tenants for our own properties to find a tenant for you!

Whether it is Leasing or Property Management we can help you with all of your Property Management Needs! Contact us today and see why owners like you are turning to Two Tree Property Management.

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